About Us

At 1Ridge we pride ourselves on bringing the everyday traveler closer to high quality, genuine products. We provide everything from durable backpacks to multi-tool keychains. Armed with a variety of rugged outdoor gear and travel essentials, our mission is to provide a carefree shopping experience.

It's simple.

We outline the most important parts of any traveler's journey and curate our products to those specific needs. Whether you're exploring the outdoors, on a weekend getaway, or visiting a new bustling city, you'll find everything you need right here!


The Explorer:

Every explorer needs his trusty gear! This is where you'll find everything from rugged backpacks to foldable water bottles. These are high quality, durable products meant to withstand the beatings of the avid traveler. 


The Weekender:

A collection of light-travel bags and backpacks meant for weekend getaways and short trips. Not every journey is long and cumbersome, sometimes you just need a quick vacation. Outfitted with these products, you'll be ready and out the door in no time!


The Urban Traveler:

For every backwoods journey there's a city getaway just as exciting and fun. And for those moments, the Urban collection is your one stop shop. This is where you'll find items such as backpacks, wallets, and sunglasses. Well that's about all you need. 


Travel Essentials:

If you're planning a trip, whether short or long, you'll need to check out the Travel Essentials collection. It's stocked with products perfect for your travel needs. This is where you'll find those necessary items you always forget about. 


Feel free to explore our collections and featured products. And please reach out with any questions or concerns!



-1Ridge Team